long distance relationship games for couples

Long Distance Relationship Games for Couples to Keep the Spark Alive


Long distance relationships often fail due to a lack of communication between two partners. They fail to experience fun due to long physical distances and it ruins their love life most of the time. Playing long distance relationship games can come in handy in restoring the spark in a romantic relationship.

Don’t know the best games to play with a partner in a long-distance relationship? If so, then you need to read this post till the end. Here, I have mentioned the popular games romantic partners can play in a long-distance romantic relationship.

5 Best Games to Play in a Long-Distance Relationship

There are plenty of interesting games couples could play in a long-distance relationship. Here are the five best games that romantic partners can enjoy in a long-distance relationship:

Never Have I Ever

The first game on the list of long distance relationship games is: Never Have I Ever. In this game, one person states the act he has not done in his life. If the other person did it in his past life then he would gain or lose points. It is a very interesting game as it could help two love birds know about each other.

Truth Or Dare

I guess almost everyone had played this game during his school days. Truth or Dare is an exciting game for couples to decode each others’ secrets. Therefore, it builds a strong connection between two partners and improves their relationship.

While playing this game, a person picks truth or dare. Depending on his choice, he receives a task for a dare or a question for truth. After he completes his task, his partner gets to make a choice between truth or dare.

Scavenger Hunt

You might think Scavenger hunt is only suitable to play face-to-face. But it is not the case as the game is also suitable to enjoy playing online with a romantic partner.

In this photo game, a partner asks another partner to click photos of different things or places. The photos can act as memories for the years to come. The one with more points for photos is declared as the winner.

Guess Where I am

In this game, one partner asks his love to guess his exact location. It involves giving some clues to help the other partner make the right guess.


Charades is another one on the list of long distance relationship games for couples. While playing this game, partners need to judge the names of movies or tv shows when their partners make some impressions about it.

Playing these games in a long distance relationship can help love birds enjoy living a lifestyle full of lavishness. And it could help strengthen a bond between them.

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