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Reading these 5 Norse Mythology Books Could Challenge Your Beliefs

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Plenty of books on Norse Mythology are available for readers who want to explore Norse Mythology. However, it seems a bit daunting for everyone to choose the right Norse mythology books out of many options. So, to help it out, I have mentioned the best books on this subject to help a person read new stuff.

Best Norse Mythology Books to Read

Both beginner and intermediate students can read these books on Norse mythology to gain knowledge. Here is the list:

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology is an excellent book by Neil Gaiman. The author retells some of the important Norse myths that he utilized in many of his earlier works.

He has limited himself to a certain number of myths by revealing them in odd and funny ways. For example, he has included myths such as the creation of the universe and its cataclysmic downfall.

Gods and Myths of Northern Europe by H.R. Ellis Davidson

For those who want to know about the Norse religion, Gods and Myths of Northern Europe by H.R. Ellis Davidson is one of the best Norse mythology books.

It is a great book for the general audience and it describes the pre-Christian religion of the Norse people. Gods and Myths of Northern Europe focuses on the historical religion in its tales.

The Poetic Edda translated by Jackson Crawford

Another book about Norse mythology & religion is The Poetic Edda, which carries a strong vision and beauty. This book is a collection of Old Norse mythical and heroic poems, written by poets in the Scandinavian region during the Viking age. These poems serve as a great source to understand Norse mythology and religion.

The Sagas of Icelanders

Reading the medieval Icelandic sagas is a great way to throw light on pre-Christian mythology, religion, and culture of the Norse. For example, the Sagas of Icelanders centers around Egil’s Saga, which focuses on the deeds of the warrior-poet. It is one of the best Norse Mythology books to read for anyone.

Norse Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs by John Lindow

Norse Mythology is a popular book by professor John Lindow. Basically, it contains some of the vital personages, key terms based on Norse mythology, and cosmological locations.

So, these are some books based on Norse mythology that readers must consider to know about Norse mythology & religion. Since many studies have proved that following a religion and reading mythology books can positively impact the brain, it is wise to give these books a try.

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