Johnson & Johnson’s Booster Coronavirus Vaccine Generates a Big Spike in Antibodies, Says Company


Johnson & Johnson has revealed that its booster doses of the one-shot coronavirus vaccine have generated a big spike in antibodies. And it has made the frontline immune system offer a strong defense against infection.

The company said people who received J&J’s booster dose after six to eight months of their starting dose saw an increase in antibodies. Surprisingly, this increase is 9 times higher than what one experiences in 28 days gap after the first shot.

The company reveals after analyzing data from two Phase 2 studies performed in the United States and Europe. Around 2,000 people received the booster doses six months after their initial doses of the Janssen vaccine from J&J.

Rapid Increase in Spike-Binding Antibodies

As per the interim data by Johnson & Johnson, a booster dose of the J&J Covid-19 vaccine leads to a rapid boost in spike-binding antibodies. And it is nine times higher than the 28-day gap after the first dose.

Moreover, the company says the booster dose generates robust immune responses that last for around eight months. It is a great news as it spreads positivity among people globally.

The Covid-19 pandemic has devasted the global health infrastructure. As a result, different coronavirus manufacturers now release their Covid-19 vaccines to prevent Covid-19 infections among people.

Johnson & Johnson has talked to major health organizations to administer the Janssen vaccine to people. For example, it has carried out discussions with the World Health Organization, the US Food & Drug Administration, US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, European Medical Agency, etc.

Dr. Mathai Mammen, a worldwide head of R&D for Janssen, has said the company works with public health officials to prepare a strategy for the Jassen vaccine.

People Eager to Know About the Necessity for Jassen Vaccine

The incessant spread of the Delta variant has increased the concerns among people. Now, people who received the Jassen vaccine ask whether they need the booster dose of the J&J coronavirus vaccine.

After analyzing the data related to a spike in antibodies, the US federal government is preparing to administer a booster dose for the coronavirus vaccine. Those who received Moderna’s or Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine will receive the booster dose.

Owing to the high transmission of the Delta variant, the immune response sees a decline in people. As a result, covid-19 infections see an increase among both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

That’s why there is a strong emphasis on the subject of administering the booster dose. Furthermore, the Janssen vaccine has used a crippled cold virus known as adenovirus to produce antibodies in the human body.

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