UK Covid-Vaccine Scientists have Given the First Trial Volunteers a New Plague Vaccine


UK scientists associated with the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine have started the trial for the plaque vaccine. They have given the vaccine to the first trial volunteers.

As per the available information, the plague vaccine works in the same way as the Covid vaccine. In the phase-one trial, 40 people spanning the age group, 18-55 years olds, will take part.

Scientists aim to eliminate the deadly bacteria active for many centuries. And the vaccine works using the same technology as the coronavirus vaccine.

Targets to End the Plague Disease

Many volunteers have expressed their happiness and willingness to be a part of the research at the University of Oxford. Larissa, 26, is one of the volunteers being a part of the research. She studies genetics and feels happy to volunteer in this program.

She said the new vaccine trial is similar to the coronavirus trial. Moreover, she said she doesn’t feel so concerned regarding her participation due to the vaccine’s similarity to the Covid-19 jab.

Plague has grappled the world for a long time and the plague pandemic, the Black Death, caused devastation in Europe in the 1300s. As a result, it swept half of the population in Europe.

Sadly, the plague bacteria is still active in many rural areas in Africa, Asia, and America. In 2017 itself, the deadly disease killed 171 people in Madagascar.

Vaccination – A Solid Solution to End Outbreaks in Remote Areas

Scientists say it is possible to use antibiotics to end the outbreak. But for remote areas, vaccination is the right solution. Currently, trials are going on to check the effectiveness of the plague vaccine in the human body.

Besides, trial results would dictate how well the body recognizes the bacteria and fights the plague infection after vaccination. The plague infection is active for 2000 years and it has killed many millions of people.

The plague vaccine is similar to the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. It uses a weakened version of a common cold virus, adenovirus.

Adenovirus is taken from chimpanzees and it has been genetically altered to prevent infections in people. Since the vaccine doesn’t contain plague bacterium, it is not possible to get plague through it.

However, it contains added genes to make proteins from Yersinia Pestis, a plague bacterium. Hence, this vaccine is sufficient to teach the body’s immune system the right way to fight the real plague infection if it ever occurs.

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