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Top 15 Home Remedies For Emergency Toothache Relief – Tried & Tested


Imagine having a toothache right in the middle of the night without immediate access to a dentist? Sounds horrible, isn’t it? Well, that’s where some handy home remedies for emergency toothache relief come for your rescue.

Now, if you want to get some instant relief from a toothache, you first need to figure out the root cause of the same. Once you know the issue, it would be easier and simpler to use toothache remedies to relieve any pain or swelling.

Leading Causes of Toothache

There could be several reasons for a toothache- a food particle stuck in your gum, a broken tooth, or any sort of bacterial infection. Besides, some toothaches come as a result of occasional irritation or inflammation in the gums.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay happens due to the presence of random dental cavities. These come over as tiny holes in teeth that get formed as the acid within the mouth wears down the tooth enamel. When left untreated, these cavities can lead to severe infections and toothaches.

Besides, tooth decay problems can happen to people of all ages who get cavities. So, just in case you want to stay safe from all such issues, excellent dental care ( regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups) comes as a pre-requisite.

Abscessed Tooth

A person is said to be having an abscessed tooth issue if they are witnessing a bacterial infection around the central region of the tooth. In layman terms, an abscessed tooth is called a sack of pus that surrounds the teeth’ random areas.

As a result, you may witness severe toothache or swell in the affected part of the teeth. In most the cases, immediate attention is required to get emergency toothache relief.

Fractured Tooth

If you have a tooth fracture resulting from an injury or accident, the chances are that you will witness some severe pain and swelling within that area. That said, the treatment largely depends on the severity of the injury or wound.

Bacterial Infection in Gums

While the current generation is addicted to junk and refined foods, a bacterial infection in gums becomes a common issue. The same condition may come out due to any food particle stuck in gums or harsh chemicals and preservatives present in those food items.

Regardless of the reason, one really needs to pay special attention to all such infections and allergies in the gums. If the symptoms go on for more than a day or two, it’s time to see your dentist. They are the best people to help you with emergency toothache relief.

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Recommended Home Remedies for Emergency Toothache Relief

1. Saltwater Rinse

Saltwater rinse comes over as one of the best home remedies for killing exposed nerve in tooth. Salt water has the reputation of being a natural disinfectant, and it can further help in loosening the food particles stuck between teeth and gums.

Besides helping you with the tooth pain relief, saltwater can also help reduce the irritation and inflammation due to any random oral wound. That said, you must not blindly follow this remedy and should take care of the required quantity of salt and water for best results.

To start with, simply mix half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water. Please note that the temperature of the water must not be too warm. Once done, use this solution as a mouthwash for around 1 minute.

After a minute, you must spill out the water and wait for some time to check on the results. You must now feel some relief from that severe tooth pain you experienced earlier.

2. Using an Ice Pack

Apart from saltwater gargle, if there’s another home remedy that can work wonders for emergency toothache relief, it’s the cold compress from an icepack. The icepack will numb the area witnessing the tooth pain and eventually feel relieved after regular use.

Cold compress works perfectly on various types of toothaches and infections, especially in case where a certain type of injury or trauma has resulted in this toothache. As you proceed with the ice pack, the blood vessels within that region would start to contract.

As a result, you would get some kind of relief from that pain or selling out of any infection or injury. This makes pain less severe. The ice pack plays a key role in further reduction of any puffiness and inflammation.

To start with the process gently put a cloth-wrapped ice pack to the affected area for around 15-20. Try repeating this process at regular intervals to get the best results.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

Just like saltwater, hydrogen peroxide also comes as a natural disinfectant. So, you can easily use it for tooth pain relief while reducing the swelling and infection. These toothache remedies come best when you are trying to find a desired solution for bleeding gums or tooth infection.

To start ahead with the process, mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water, and rinse with the solution in your mouth for around 20-30 seconds. Spit it out and check whether you feel any kind of emergency toothache relief with this home remedy.

4. Cloves

If you don’t know about this age old toothache medicine in your kitchen, you are surely missing out on some handy information regarding emergency toothache relief. All you need to do is put some clove buds in the affected region and let it rest there for sometime.,

As you do that, keep chewing it slowly to let the juices help you get the required relief from the toothache. Besides Cloves, you can also use clove oil for the same purpose. The application would stay the same and you can use cotton to spread it gently on the swelled gum or infected tooth.

Clove oil contains a natural antiseptic compound named eugenol. The best part- it doesn’t come along with any side effects on your mouth and health.

4. Peppermint Tea Bags

Peppermint tea bags can also come of great help in making you feel better out of that irritating toothache or swelling gum. Now, as you proceed with its usage, stay ready for some instant tickle or irritation on the affected area.

To get ahead with its application:

  1. Make available a used tea bag from the kitchen.
  2. As you proceed with its usage, let it cool down at room temperature for few minutes.
  3. Once you are sure of its warmth, go ahead and apply it to the affected region gently.

While peppermint tea bags are cool in nature, they may cause some kind of irritation or allergy on the swelled gum or tooth. So, just in case you want to bring in some more chill to the application, let the peppermint bag cool in the fridge for sometime beforehand.

5. Oils

A list of Oils like tea tree oil, thyme oil, and peppermint oil has proved their effectiveness as a perfect toothache medicine. Tea tree oil comes over with antibacterial and antibiotic properties that have proven effective against any kind of inflammation and infection.

As far as Peppermint oil is concerned, it also brings along some unique properties to help lighten toothache. On the other side, Thyme oil also carries some effective antiseptic and antioxidant properties, which can play a key role as an emergency toothache relief.

To proceed with its application, gently use a cotton bud and pour in few drops of any preferred oil from the above list. Once done, leave the oil to rest and let it do it get ahead with its magic in the process.

6. Garlic

Garlic has been recognized worldwide for its medicinal properties, and there’s no doubt about this fact. So, there’s every reason for you to use it as a home remedy for emergency toothache relief . Beside killing all the infection and bacteria in the mouth, garlic has made it into the list of home based toothache painkillers.

To start with its usage, make a paste out of some garlic cloves paste and apply it carefully into the affected area. Add a bit of salt if you like, as that will help you to disinfect the affected region. You can also put fresh garlic in mouth while slowly chewing and letting it use its juices for the treatment of any selling or tooth ache.

7. Fresh Ginger

Just like Garlic, Ginger is also famous for its antimicrobial properties. But yes, before you start ahead with its usage as an emergency toothache relief, wash and peel it properly. Once done, you can start chewing it nicely and slowly around the area that carries the pain or the swelling.

As you chew the ginger, you will allow its juice to do the wonder on the area under pain. Try doing the same for an hour or so, and you can expect it to work wonders as a perfect alternative for toothache painkillers.

8. Onions

After Garlic and Ginger, we have another magical ingredient from our kitchen that can be deemed one of the best home remedies for toothache. Not many people are aware of the fact, but Chinese people still use onion as a perfect way to treat certain health ailments.

Now, talking about its application as a toothache medicine, you just need to peel an onion and make a small slice out of it. Afterward, you just need to put that slice right in between the affected teeth and chew softly.

The antimicrobial properties of this magical ingredient will get on with its work within a matter of minutes. While reducing the pain, onions will also help to lower down the swelling around the tooth.

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9. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract comes over as another very effective home remedy for tooth pain relief. As Vanilla extract contains alcohol, it can help you to disinfect the area with swelling or infection. Besides, it will help you to numb the affected teeth and the pain around it would fade away eventually.

To start ahead with its usage, put a small quantity of vanilla extract onto a cotton ball or even your finger. Once done, apply it rightly on the area with the infection or swelling several times a day.

10. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves comes over with anti-inflammatory properties that have proved their effectiveness in treating small wounds and infections. They further posses’ antibacterial properties that make them a perfect emergency toothache relief option.

There are several ways to use guava leaves as a perfect alternative for all those overhyped toothache painkillers. You can directly chew them or can crush them further while adding to boiling water. This will make a perfect mouthwash that will help you feeling relieved from all those unbearable toothaches.

11. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is yet another herb that can be listed in all those highly effective toothache remedies. It brings along some tremendous healing properties that can help a person to work through a list of injuries and wounds.

So, when it comes to picking a wonder ingredient that can help you get some instant relief from that infection in your mouth, wheatgrass is something you can count upon. Apart from other effective compounds, wheatgrass contains higher chlorophyll content, proving its prowess in killing random bacterias and viruses.

There is no rocket science about using wheatgrass as an effective emergency toothache relief.  Just use its juice as an instant mouthwash and you are sorted.

12. Turmeric

Turmeric does a lot of other amazing things than just enhancing the taste of your favorite cuisine. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and recognized globally for its healing properties. So, as you are looking forward to the best home remedies for toothache, turmeric can come up as your go-to ingredient.

You don’t have to cross oceans to make it work as a perfect toothache medicine. Make a consistent paste out of turmeric powder while adding some water. Once through, apply it gently to the affected region. Within a matter of minutes, you can witness its visible results.

 You can also mix this turmeric paste with some honey and apply it on the tooth with swelling or inflammation.

13. Lemon

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, and that make them another wonderful emergency toothache relief alternative. Just cut down a small wedge of lime and put it gently around the affected area. Let the lemon juice hit the impacted area and you may feel a bit of irritation in the process.

Replace the wedge if necessary after regular intervals. Moreover, you can add a bit of salt to it in order to increase the impact. While lemon would take care of the healing process, salt would disinfect the area that is infected.

14. Asafetida

Asafetida got a very strong smell and its mostly been used to add on that tangy touch to any random dish. Well, besides improving the taste and aroma of your favorite cuisine, asafetida can come over as one of the best home remedies for killing exposed nerve in tooth.

Talking about the directions to use, take a pinch of Asafetida with half teaspoon lemon juice and apply it on the tooth with any kind of swelling or inflammation. You may get some unbearable irritation with its touch at the first go, yet it will help in subsidizing the pain eventually.

15. Aloe Vera

For ages, Aloe vera is been used for its healing properties in various communities and cultures. Quite recently, a list of studies and researches have confirmed about its effectiveness as a perfect emergency toothache relief alternative.

It doesn’t carry any side effects, so you need not worry while applying it to the infected region in your teeth. Take a dab of Raw aloe vera gel on finger or on a cotton bud and apply it carefully to the infected gum or teeth.

Visit a Dentist if Toothache Still Persists!

All or most of the above mentioned home remedies for toothache may provide some temporary relief from the issue. So, you must visit a dentist if the situation doesn’t improve within a day or two. The point here is to provide immediate attention to the provided toothache or infection.

If the tooth infection or decay isn’t treated on time, it may lead to serious dental issues like dental abscesses or even gum disease. So, to clear off any such possibility, you must pay a visit to a highly qualified dentist nearby.

Yet, proper oral care is still the best way to keep any such tooth infections away. You can do it by :

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with a good quality toothpaste for at least 2 minutes
  • Limiting down the intake of processed, refined and sugary food and beverages
  • Staying away from excessive smoking and alcohol intake
  • Visiting your dentist for regular dental checkups


All the above-mentioned home remedies for tooth pain have been tested and studied by numerous Oral care experts across the globe. Yet, their effectiveness may vary according to your specific dental issues. Visit your dentist in case the problem persists for longer than a day or two.

Besides, don’t forget to follow a proper dental care routine. Additionally, keep a distance from all the junk food and beverages that bring more harm than good to your health and body.

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