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15 Best Sandy Beaches Near London with Beautiful Environment


London is a beautiful place to live and work. The reason being its creative architecture and a high standard of living. Apart from working and living spaces, London has many scenic marine areas to visit. If you haven’t visited London beaches in your life, it is high time to do so.

There are many beautiful and peaceful sandy beaches near London that could leave anyone in bliss. There are plenty of beautiful London beaches that are full of energy and peacefulness. Moreover, the exotic scenery and blue waters give a sense of life to visitors.

Since the list of quiet beaches near London is very long, we have only covered the best beaches close to the UK Capital in this post. So, if you are searching for exotic beaches closest to London then you have come to the right place.

For a person who is looking for a getaway near the seaside, here is a list of the best beaches in London and nearby areas. The necessary details about different beaches are given here. It will help them visit their favorite beach near London to enjoy their time.

Best Sandy Beaches Nearby London

one of the quiet beaches near London

Exploring marine life is one of the best ways for anyone to enjoy and rejuvenate himself. What it does is removes the exhaustion from the body. Besides, it thrills the mind and body to give a sense of peacefulness to a person.

Many marine areas nearby London have become hotspots for tourism. Due to this, tourists from local and international regions come here to celebrate their vacations.

Enough of the introduction! Now let’s just dive into the list of beautiful beaches near London for full enjoyment of time. Here is a list on quiet and beautiful sandy beaches near the UK city:

Whitstable Beach, Kent

a daylight view at whitstable beach

One of the nice beaches near London is Whitstable beach which is located in Kent. It just takes a travel journey of 65 minutes from London to reach this. If you have seen its pictures on the web then you must know that it is far more beautiful than that.

Visitors can enjoy the glorious scene of sunset by sitting at the seaside. Apart from this, there are many cottages and beach huts to stay in as well as chill with family members. It enjoys a great place on the list of London beaches due to its beauty.

Views of clear skies, beautiful wild flowers, and waves can fill anyone with joy & freshness. It has a lot of scope to enjoy various watersports activies such as snorkling, swimming, and boating. Moreover, one can taste amazing food full of delicacy.

  • Popular for water sports, windsurfing, and sailing
  • Whitestable oysters are very popular among visitors.
  • It takes 10 mins from Whitestable rail station to reach this beach.

Camber Sands, East Sussex

One of the best beaches near London - Camber Sands

Camber Sands is located four miles from Rye in East Sussex. It is one of the beautiful beaches near London to enjoy quality with loved ones. Camber Sands is a great destination to watch kitesurfers on the water. And it is the closest beach to London for enjoying free time near the seaside.

Moreover, one can also enjoy horseback riders. It is the peaceful and mesmerizing environment at this beach that makes it a popular destination for film shootings. Many movies have been filmed at Camber Sands beach.

One of the popular movies is Theory of Everything (2014). Due to the presence of the dunes system, the beach resembles the Arabian-looking beach area. It is filled with marram grasses and beautiful chestnut fences to give it a splendid look.

  • Camber Sands is popular for rolling sand dunes and pristine waters.
  • It is located at the Kent and Sussex border.
  • In order to travel from London to Camber Sands, one needs to spend a travel time of one hour 40 mins by train from London St Pancras Internation to Rye. Then, a bus ride to the beach.

Birling Gap, East Sussex

waves and white chalk cliffs at one of the popular London beaches

If you want to enjoy dynamic coaslines with white chalk cliffs then you must visit Birling Gap beach in East Sussex. It has an undeveloped coastline that stretches to a long distance.

One can easily spot farmland and rolling fields here in a large area. Birling Gap beach is a suitable beach for those who want to enjoy some time alone. One can appreciate the rawness of nature and eat sandwiches & ice creams from a national park center.

  • It takes about two hours from London Victoria to visit this beach.
  • Birling Gap is a great beach for a person to spend time with himself.

Sunny Sands, Kent

blue water waves and sand at Sunny Sands beach

Sunny Sands beach enjoys a great place on the list of the best beaches near London. Every year, tourists from across the world visit this beach. For someone who is fond of building sandcastles, it is one of the best London beaches to visit.

As the name depicts, Sunny Sands is one of the best sandy beaches near London to visit in summer. It has many amazing facilities for every visitor. There are many toilets, cafes, pubs, and beach shops at this beach.

Hence, visitors can easily enjoy their time with their families or loved ones. Visitors are not allowed to bring dogs during May-October. One can enjoy delicious foods and water sports activities to have fun.

  • People come to perform activities such as swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing.
  • Local seafood shacks are very popular among visitors.
  • It is located at a distance of 1 hour from London.
  • Take a train from St Pancras to Folkestone Central to visit this beach.

Botany Bay, Broadstairs (Kent)

One of the popular London beaches

Botany Bay is a popular beach for among people for its scenic beauty. It is full of white cliff and sea caves to enjoy beautiful natural beauty. Here, it is an underrated beach due to it being a strip of coastline.

Explore the rock pools to see little sea creatures, or go fossil hunting to find something more impressive. It gives you a glimpse of a rural area. The beach is loaded with fisherman’s cottages, independent shops, and clifftop walks.

  • Anyone can reach here via train by traveling 40 mins of distance by train from London St Pancras International, London Victoria to Broadstairs. A bus or car ride can also land anyone here successfully.
  • Visitors can explore rock pools to enjoy little sea creatures. One can even go fossil hunting at this gorgeous beach.

Minnis Bay, Birchington, Kent

minnis bay - quite beach near london

Minnis Bay is a perfect beach for a family to enjoy full time in a sandy area. It is located on the north Kent coast and it offers many options to explore marine life. Children can enjoy outdoor play area and adults can take part in different water sports.

Water activities such as windsurfing, kite boarding, and sailing are the options for enjoying time in water. Besides, Minnis Bay has got many restaurtants with bars to enjoy declicious food and celebrate with family.

  • Minnis Bay is at a time distance of 30 minutes from London St Pancras International to Birchington-on-Sea. Following this, a short walk will land a person at this beach.
  • For someone willing to arrive by car ride, it takes a time duration of 2 hours to reach Minnis Bay.

Camden Beach

camden beach vacation

Entry to Camden beach is free and the beach offers a sunny atmosphere with a sandy area. It is a great time to relax with family by viewing the beauty in the surrounding environment.

One can enjoy the atmosphere sitting in a chair, playing games, eating wonderful food, and building amazing sandcastles. Being a popular beach, it is advised to visit early here to get your place booked.

  • It also offers a facility to book private beach huts.
  • Camden beach is full of marine beauty due to which many movies have been shot here.

Frensham Great Pond, Surrey

vegetation at frensham great pond near london

Surrey is a land of lakes and rivers due to which there are many beaches available in this region. Frensham is a great option to explore here due to it being among the famous London beaches.

It is a huge lake with many sandy beaches for families. Frensham beach is suitable for wild swimming and it also has a cafe to enjoy burgers, chips & drinks.

It is a picturesque beach that is a great place to enjoy in cold water. Besides, it is a perfect picnic spot for a family as it offers great fun for both adults and kids.

  • It is located at a distance of 60 mins from London.
  • A small museum is also located here for experiencing the artistic beauty.

Mersea Island, Essex

mersea island beach

Have you ever wondered about eating shell food nearby London? If so, then you will need to visit Mersea Island beach. It is the place where you will also see the world’s famous oysters.

Mersea is the right to place to relax in the free time and enjoy good quality food such as Colchester native oyster. If you want to experiece sandy beaches with many types of shops, restaurants & pubs, it is recommende to vist West Mersea.

Whereas in the east Mersea, one can explore the wilderness of nature due to the presence of many natural beaches and open spaces. Mersea Island is one of the best beaches near London to enjoy free time and experience natural beauty.

  • Mersea beach is known for the harvesting of the world’s largest oysters since Roman times.
  • This sandy beach is easy to reach in 90 minutes from London.
  • It is one of the best places to buy shell food.

Fulham Beach (Neverland)

neverland fulham beach

Neverland, also known as Fulham beach, is a pop-up beach that comes in the summers near Thames in Fulham. By shipping tonnes of golden sand and setting up beach huts as well as deckchairs, the entire system is created for visitors to lounge on.

Neverland Fulham beach has an alfresco dining system and it offers many street options for visitors. Apart from this, one can enjoy various kinds of cocktails at this beach. It makes a popular name on the list of the best London beaches to visit.

  • Popular for street food options and colorful cocktails.
  • Amazing options of beach games and DJs to spend the free time happily.
  • It takes around half an hour to travel Neverland from any part of London.
  • Neverland Fulham beach is suitable for party lovers.

Southend-on-Sea Beach

water boats sailing in southend-on sea beach

Southend-on-Sea beach is slowly emerging as a popular beach due to the developments in this region. As compared to earlier times, there is now an establishment of rail service and many regeneration projects.

For people of London who want to explore the seaside view, Southend-on-Sea can be a great option. Besides, it is easily accessible for every person who wants to spend time in serenity.

Southend-on-Sea beach is one of the quiet beaches near London to experience peace. It’s pier is the most pleasurable pier at a global level.

  • Here, visitors can enjoy their time in amusement parks and arcades that offer old school thrills.
  • Many new cafes, restaurants, and galleries also offer many high-quality entertainment options.
  • It is a long sandy beach and it is one of the best sandy beaches near London.
  • It is located at a traveling time of around 2 hours from London.

Isle of Grain Beach

rocks and water waves at isle of grain beach

Isle of Grain Beach can be a great option for those looking to spend some time away from the crowd. It has a serene environment and it is one of the closests beaches to London.

The beach shore is located at Hoo Peninsula. One can see Essex in clear weather. Besides, one can easily spot leafy woodland, wildflowers, and sand behind him.

  • The beach is located between the River Medway and the Thames.
  • It requires a traveling time of 60 minutes from London to reach there.

Brighton Beach

a view of Brighton beach

Brighton beach is a busy beach on sunny days but it offers many things for a person. Visitors can enjoy paddleboarding and travel through the world-famous pier. Moreover, it is famous for ice-creams that any visitor can enjoy.

This beach near London is full of pebbles and it has arcades to entertain the kids. It is a great place to meet new people and chill with them in a sunny environment.

  • Brighton beach is notable for the British Airways i360 to enjoy the Brighton skies for 360-degree panoramas.
  • A train from London Bridge/Victoria can take a person to Brighton Beach in just 1 hour.

West Wittering Beach

West wittering beach

Wildlife lovers must not miss visiting this West Wittering beach as it is full of wildlife. It is filled with natural beauty and views of the exotic natural environment. For lovers of water sports, West Wittering beach is one of the best spots as it has very clean water.

  • One can easily enjoy stunning views of Chichester Harbour.
  • It is at a travel distance of 1.5 hours from London via a train from Victoria to Chichester.

Ruislip Lido Beach

Umbrellas and chairs at Ruislip Lido beach

Ruislip Lido beach is located in the Ruislip Woods National Nature Researve. The beach has more than 700 acres of bucolic ancient woodland, a big lake, and a golden sand beach.

It has many things to try for both adults and kids. Especially for kids, it has got a miniature train ride to enjoy time. Moreover, one can find woodland trails and a cafe selling coffee & ice-cream.

  • Boating and swimming are the common water activites that one can take part in.
  • It has a traveling distance of 1 hour from Central London.


In a nutshell, it would be right to say that there are plenty of beautiful beaches near London for visitors. Not just these beaches offer a great pleasure but they also make a person close to himself.

The above list includes the nice and quiet beaches near London to spend the free time in a blissful manner. At all these beaches, there is a serene environment for visitors to feel calmness.

Besides, there are many restaurants, water sports, and natural places present at these beaches where one could enjoy his time. All these sandy beaches nearby London can thrill anyone to the core.

Depending on the nature of enjoyment one likes, it is easy for anyone to choose a suitable beach near London. The natural beauty at these beautiful sandy beaches can mesmerize anyone completely.

Hence, whenever a person gets a time to visit London then he must not miss visiting these beaches nearby London. It would definitely make his day and introduce him to the elixir of life.

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