Amazon Announces Compensation for Customers Who Bought Defective Thirty Party Goods


E-commerce giant Amazon has announced compensation for customers by paying out for defective thirty-party goods. It said customers who suffer injury or property damage from defective goods from third-party sellers would get compensation for their losses. 

There are many independent sellers who sell goods through Amazon. Many a time, customers complain of injury or property loss due to the use of defective goods after buying them from Amazon. 

Amazon has declared that customers who genuinely face personal or property damages after using third-party products can claim compensation. The eCommerce giant has revealed it will pay valid claims of up to $1000 from 1 September. 

This sum makes up over 80% of injury or damage cases on its platform. Customers have welcomed this decision of the eCommerce giant. 

Decision Comes After Facing Mounting Pressure 

Amazon has taken this vital decision after considering the rising number of customers complaints against it. It covers even damages equivalent to higher damages if sellers don’t respond to customers on time. 

The business giant was facing intense pressure over product safety and the decision has come after many legal cases against it. Last month, Amazon faced strict action by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission as the latter sued it to make it recall hundreds of thousands of goods. 

The faulty product list includes poorly working carbon monoxide detectors, appliances with no safety against electric shocks, and children’s clothing that doesn’t meet fire safety standards. 

Amazon receives thousands of goods from third-party vendors but the management team doesn’t examine them. As a result, customers complain of faults in products sold to them. 

Amazon has not taken the responsibility for faulty products sold through its site. Instead, it has made sellers responsible for their faulty products. Due to this, customers haven’t received positive responses from third-party vendors. 

Amazon Expresses Support for Customers 

Amazon’s decision to pay for customers’ losses has come after a series of high-profile court cases against it. In a blog post, Amazon has announced to use its “advanced fraud and abuse detection systems.”

Apart from this, it has sought to use independent insurance fraud experts for identifying valid claims. In a clear message, Amazon has said it stands by its customers and the products it sells in its store irrespective of sellers. 

The business giant has announced that it will first launch its service in the US. Later on, it will roll it out in other regions of the world. 

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