5 Best Books for Artists to Hone Up Artistic Skills


Working as an artist really requires a great level of creativity and artistic skills. And it demands constant practice using unique ideas in artworks. No matter what you create in the art world, there is a need to learn new things about a particular art. Many best books for artists are available that could help them improve their creativity and art significantly.

In this post, I have mentioned the 5 best books for artists that could help any artist hone up his artistic skills. Every artist must read these books to gain new insights into his art. Here is the list:

Light and Shade in Watercolor

Light and Shade in Watercolor is a great art book by the bestselling artist Hazel Soan. Simply put, it teaches about creating a balance between light and shade to fill paintings with radiant light. Reading this book can help any artist mix light and shade with details.

Do It: The Compendium

Do It: The compendium is one of the best books for artists to create contemporary art. It gives “do it yourself” directions to learn from renowned artists about creating fine art. Besides, it gives an edge to artists to sprout their own creative ideas in their minds.

Creative Block

Creative block by Danielle Krysa is a beautiful book that gives insights into the subject of art. It is full of colorful pictures of artworks. Moreover, it narrates the strategies of 50 artists to deal with challenges in the art world in a refreshing way. It is fun to read as it compels every reader to find his inspiration.

Taking the Leap: Building a Career as a Visual Artist

As the name depicts, it helps an artist take a leap in the art world and build his professional career. Cay Lang has very well explained practical steps to become a professional artist.

Besides learning about art, it is also important for artists to promote their artistic works in the art world. This book teaches every artist the ways to promote himself online by following the best business tactics.

Painting Nature’s Detials

Painting Nature’s Details is another addition to the list of the best books for artists. From this book, every artist can learn to create nature paintings with great details.

It teaches about including subjects such as texture, patterns for skin, fur, claws, etc., in nature’s painting. Both beginner and experienced artists must read this book.

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